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Pet Urine Odor Removal

Enviropure聘请了渥太华领先的宠物和尿液气味去除团队. With over a decade of experience, our team is fully trained, qualified, insured and WSIB compliant.

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Enviropure’s Pet & Urine Odour Removal Team

你的宠物在家里出过意外吗? 你是否厌倦了宠物留下的强烈气味? Enviropure家居清洁可以提供帮助! 我们的专业清洁团队是 experts in odour removal. We offer complete pet and urine odour removal services to help you deal with any smells and odour that come with owning a pet. We use advanced fogging and ozone technology that can remove 95-100% of all offensive pet and pet urine odours from your home, vehicle, boat, or RV. We pride ourselves on using environmentally and pet friendly products on all surfaces in your home, 所以即使我们去除气味,对你毛茸茸的朋友来说也是安全的.

Accidents can happen, whether it is your dog peeing inside or your cat coughing up a hairball. However, the odours that follow can be a serious issue that need to be properly dealt with. 你可能会习惯这里的气味, 客人和访客当然不会,强烈的宠物气味会把人赶走. 在家里自己去除宠物的气味是很困难的, 但幸运的是,Enviropure家庭服务公司在这里! Our experts have the proper equipment and expertise to guarantee that all smells and odours are fully removed from your space.

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At Enviropure, we remove offensive odours by analysing the chemistry of the scents and the source. We utilise top of the line methods and equipment in our arsenal such as Enzyme-based cleansers, micro sprayers, UV lights, acrylic sealers thermal fogging, 还有臭氧发生器,让你的家健康清新.

Ozone Treatment
Ozone treatment, when used in combination with other appropriate cleaning methods is an effective approach. Ozone is a highly reactive molecule that reacts chemically with particles in the air and on surfaces. The chemicals, bacteria, and spores that generate a disagreeable odour are eradicated on exposure to ozone treatment.

当处理宠物气味时,臭氧是非常有效的. 空气流动的地方,臭氧会以化学方式分解引起气味的化合物. This lets ozone gas infiltrate and effectively clean odour-causing microorganisms in the air, walls, ceilings, ducting, carpet fibres, gaps between floors, cracks in walls etc.

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在Enviropure,我们从不使用刺激性或磨蚀性的清洁产品. 我们的方法和设备的安全性和效率无一例外.

Thermal Fogging
Thermal fogging is a procedure in which a disinfectant solution is suspended in the air in the form of a heated fog for a period of time. The disinfectant fog pervades the entire building and purifies the air as well as the surfaces.

如果操作正确,热雾化可以去除给定空间中的许多病原体. 这远远超过了一般的清洁工所能做到的. This is a job that a professional cleaning team like Enviropure does while wearing protective gear (PPE).

After the treatment, 我们给房子通风,给它补充氧气, 造成臭味的细菌也基本消失了. 打电话给我们预约服务,在渥太华拥有一个干净、无异味的家.

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Pet Odour Removal in Ottawa

Return your home to its natural state with professional pet odour removal services in Ottawa! Our team follows WSIB regulations to ensure that all odours are removed properly when we visit. Our expertise guarantees long-lasting results that your friends and family are sure to notice.

而宠物的气味通常是由尿液或粪便引起的, even if your pet does not have any accidents inside it can still cause unpleasant smells in your home. Pet odour can also be caused by bacteria and yeast metabolizing secretions, especially on oily skins. 如果宠物生病或年老,气味往往更强烈,更令人不快. Pets who play outside tend to get a more dirty coat, which can cause unpleasant odours in your home. 宠物身上的气味会传到地毯上, furniture, drapes, 以及其他难以去除的织物和表面. Luckily Enviropure Home Services. Contact us today for a free quote on pet odour removal services in Ottawa or elsewhere in Eastern Ontario, 然后一劳永逸地去除宠物身上的难闻气味!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions about pet urine odor cleaning. 如果您有任何其他问题,请随时联系Enviropure.

In the case where dog urine or cat urine has soaked into or through the carpet padding, 要完全消除宠物的尿臭是比较困难的. 问题是,这些气味隐藏在表面之下, 在地毯衬垫和/或地板上. In extreme cases as we’ve seen, 你可能需要更换地毯了, 地毯衬垫和/或一些地板.

诀窍是尽快抓住宠物的尿液,并在它渗入之前进行处理. Sometimes it’s too late, however. 我们将尽力消除或中和宠物的气味, but there are extreme cases where 100% neutralization of pet urine odor is not feasible.

当心爱的宠物去世时,总是令人伤心的. Unfortunately, the lingering smells of pet urine and pet dander can trigger memories in the grief process. 这就是为什么我们有很多客户要求我们进行宠物尿臭清理, 以帮助摆脱挥之不去的狗尿或猫尿的气味. 你唯一应该拥有的宠物记忆是美好的!

我们服务于渥太华以及周边社区,如肯普维尔, Brockville, Kingston, Cornwall, Arnprior & 渥太华山谷和其他许多地方. Our pet urine odor cleaning service includes deep cleans to help neutralize the smell of dog urine and cat urine in particular, 但我们清理过宠物包括鸟的家庭, hamsters, snakes, and many other kinds of animals.

诀窍是尽快处理污渍. 如果你看到你的狗或猫在家里小便, arrive on scene ASAP with paper towels and a bucket of soap and water (some people like to use a vinegar & water solution). 轻拍患处,吸收尿液, taking care not to press too firmly (otherwise it could sink into the fabric or even go through to the carpet padding, etc.). Then treat the area with soap (or vinegar) and water, gently dabbing then lightly scrubbing. Let it dry as needed; use an oscillating fan if available. By removing the urine, you won’t be inviting puppy or kitty to come back and pee on the same spot. 如果你发现污渍已经干了,你就要用醋了 & water or soap & water method, gently scrubbing the pet urine stain to get pull it out from the fabric rather than push it through. 如果你有洗不掉的污渍, we’d be glad to inspect the site and give a free quote on pet urine stain removal and home cleaning.

It’s true that dogs can get into the habit of urinating in the same place again and again. 他们闻到狗尿的味道,把它当作私人厕所, 找不到更吸引人的词了. 这就是为什么在渥太华积极主动地清理宠物尿臭是很重要的, getting rid of pet urine stains ASAP and neutralizing the pet urine odor as thoroughly as possible. If you’ve had a dog, cat or other pet for a long time and are smelling the buildup of pet urine odor – or you’ve recently bought a home that has pet urine odor – call on Enviropure to get rid of that pet urine odor.

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空气管道从你的暖通空调系统循环空气,但可以容纳灰尘, pollen, 如果不定期清洁霉菌. This buildup compromises air quality and health, especially for those with allergies. 定期清洁提高暖通空调的效率,创造一个更健康的家庭环境.